Caribbean Cement Company (CCC) Limited reported revenues of $4 (0h 16m).8 billion for the second quarter ending June 2020, representing a growth of two percent when compared with the similar quarter in 2019.

The company recorded earnings before taxation of $1 (0h 4m).0 billion for the three months ended June 30, 2020, which was an improvement of 55 percent above the $0 (0h 0m).7 billion achieved in the second quarter of 2019.

The overall consolidated net income for Carib Cement was $0 (0h 0m).5 billion, which was 41 percent higher than the comparative period last year.

The company indicates that despite the increased operational risks posed by COVID-19, it has continued to pursue its plant modernization program and investment in training, with “favorable results in health and safety outcomes.”

Carib Cement Chairman Parris A. Lyew-Ayee said that a contributory factor to the company’s positive performance was its “aggressive USD debt repayment policy. This he said, led to the reduction of financial expenses of $0.06 (0h 1m) billion (-28 percent) and a decrease in foreign exchange loss by $0.08 (0h 1m) billion, (-18 percent) over Q2 2019.

Net cash generated by operating activities was $1 (0h 4m).6 billion.

Lyew-Ayee said both cash flow generation during the quarter and available cash at the beginning of the period have allowed the company to reduce debt by $1 (0h 4m).0 billion during the quarter and by $2 (0h 8m).1 billion over the first half of the year.

Looking ahead, Lyew-Ayee noted, “While it is still very early to fully evaluate the long-term effects of COVID-19 on our operations, we believe that this event has made us a stronger and more efficient organization.”


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